It's Not Easy, Being Green
Von Schweetz Family sketches

Genaleah’s headcanon/AU idea is basically in perfect harmony with mine, so OF COURSE I had to draw stuff. ;-; Possibly spoilery doodles below the cut?


Full sized images here and here!

My doodles are more inspired by Gena’s ideas rather than directly adhering to them. In the continuity of these sketches Vanellope was the only one to figure out that King Candy was supposed to be an Actual Character, rather than just a mask for Turbo, and in turn was the only one to actually bring him back (with Sour Bill’s help, because every Frankenstein needs their Igor!) Basically, she brings him back and continues to fix up his code even as he exists, later planning to introduce her friends and the citizens of Sugar Rush to him in a controlled environment. The two of them form a very strong familial bond, largely based on punning back and forth (though a fair bit of it also involves going for secret races in the unused minilevels), and in particular KC comes to really trust his granddaughter.

Of course, the controlled environment doesn’t really happen for Ralph, because KC is just the teensiest bit dumb and the teensiest bit stubborn and Vanellope has the teensiest bit of a big mouth, and of course Ralph sees red when he sees King Candy standing around in the halls of the palace again. Ralph very nearly wrecks his shit before Vanellope manages to intervene.

I am going to write this as a fanfic too, so I guess look forward to that?

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