It's Not Easy, Being Green

i really love kakimari’s BAD BURNERS and i want a comic about mike and chuck running around being dangerous and violent and dicks to each other??? like

they’re driving around in Mutt and then Mike spots a convoy of Kaneco grunts and he’s all like LETS GO MESS WITH THEM and Chuck’s like whatever. /cigarette (bad boy chuck smokes like a chimney and it pisses mike off because FUCK YOU GETTING YOUR CIGARETTE SMELL IN MUTT I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS)

so then they get out and hide Mutt a little way away and they get out, and while Mike is sneaking behind the Kaneco guys Chuck distracts them by being a shit (“What’cha gonna do about it? Arrest me just for standin’ here?”) and then Mike POUNCES and together they beat the shit out of the Kaneco grunts.

And then they’re dicks to each other a bit and Chuck punches Mike in the shoulder (“you fuckin piece of shit, why do I even listen to you” “‘cause you’re an even bigger piece of shit, chuckles!” “fuck you man”) and then they go to Antonios.

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  2. zeekubeast said: bad burners are basically negative universe burners which somehow have crept into non-motorcity watcher’s ideas of what motorcity is like?? WEIRD.
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